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Boy • 8 years old • Gemini • Black and Brown • 23kg • Mixed Breed

My story

My story

HeiHei came to PACK in 2021. When he was rescued his right paw bone was exposed, but despite this pain he let PACK rescue him. During treatment he lost his right paw. Initially there was concern that this would be uncomfortable for him, but he has quickly adapted and learned to walk on three legs! He can even climb stairs and uneven surfaces now. HeiHei is comfortable with humans; he adapts quickly to strangers and learns new commands easily.

Hei Hei


HeiHei is playful and affectionate with a calm temperament. With his big feet and smiling face he can make anyone feel better. HeiHei is very observant of human emotions, and when your heart is heavy, he will be right by your side to listen. HeiHei loves to be pet and turns into a big teddy bear when he gets attention. He is affectionate towards everyone and can lift anyone’s spirits with his warmth. At the same time, HeiHei is also quite independent, and can sometimes get lost in his own world, but you only have to walk a little farther than him and he will run to catch up to you.


Energy Levels

When HeiHei wants to eat or go outside he can get very excited and energetic, but when there is nothing to do he will obediently lie down and accompany you quietly.




HeiHei likes to be around people and doesn’t need to spend much time with children and strangers before becoming comfortable with them.




HeiHei can be independent and sometimes a bit stubborn, but in the end he will follow you obediently.




HeiHei handles unfamiliar environments very well. When he is nervous, he pees. As he adjusts to new environments this behavior dissipates.

Low High
Foster Family Says

When Hei Hei first arrived, there were many problems, from frightening other dogs, urinating, biting things out to eat,It annoys us, but he is actually a big boy with a slender heart, just because he is not used to it and unfamiliar, but he can only express his emotions in those ways. In fact, it only took a week or so, and the obvious problems were improved, and the more times I communicated with him, the faster he improved.

Medical History

My health has been checked:

  • Spayed/Neutered
  • Microchipped
  • Vaccinated
  • Regular Worming Treatment

Hei Hei is a cheerful young man who is missing his right front foot. No other health conditions other than that
My Behavior

My Behavior

When HeiHei wants to go outside or needs to go to the bathroom he will cry. When he is happy he will make an “awoo” sound.  He likes to express himself with his voice. When he sees unfamiliar dogs, he may bark once or twice to alert you, but he won’t try to rush at them or bark. HeiHei loves people, and has lots of energy when he’s excited, but at the same time loves to be in his own world. When it’s quiet he will lie down and wait for you to finish what you are doing. Additionally, HeiHei requires moderate activity. He prefers rolling around on turf rather than walking, running, and jumping. He can spend a whole afternoon enjoying himself on a big lawn!

My Behavior


Tolerance Levels

At PACK Academy, we socialize our dogs by exposing them to different stimuli and recording their tolerance levels for each one. These oservations help us understand the dogs better, which then helps us find suitable homes for them.


HeiHei serves as a welcome dog for Volunteer Day and adapts well to strangers.



HeiHei can be territorial and may bark at other dogs but will not run at them and can be easily removed from the situation. He is less sensitive to unfamiliar dogs when they are not far away.



He can get along with cats and does not behave any differently around them.



He gets along with kids. At an adoption meeting he let children pet him and fell asleep around them.



HeiHei will want to follow ambulances and garbage trucks but can be controlled. He isn’t particularly scared of loud noises.



Loves to be pet. Has no sensitive areas, comfortable with touch anywhere.



Behavior observations

There are some common behavior issues that we see in dogs who have spent a significant amount of time in a shelter. We assess our dogs for these behaviors and provide training plans for adopters to help manage them.


Will bark to express his emotions but will not bark without reason. He is used to expressing himself with his voice.


Seperation Anxiety

HeiHei does not have separation anxiety.



HeiHei is not aggressive towards people or dogs. When encountering an unfamiliar dog he will only bark at them.


Resource Guarding

He does not have any resource guarding behaviors.


Destructive Chewing

HeiHei does not have any experience breaking things, but if something smells like food and isn’t taken away, he may try to chew it.



Obedience Training

Obedience training is critical for nurturing healthy dog-human relationships and having a well-behaving dog. Our dogs receive basic training at PACK Academy, which provides a foundation for communication between dog and human.



HeiHei recognizes his name and always responds to it.


Yes & No

HeiHei understands “can” and “cannot”.


Potty Trained

HeiHei has already been potty trained, but in new environments may want to mark his territory.


Good on Leash

Sometimes in environments he likes he won’t want to walk but will follow you anyway.



Understands command “sit” and will always sit when told to.



Understands command for “down” and will lie down when told to.



Understands command for stay and will always wait for you when told to.



Understands command for come and will come to you when told to.



Because HeiHei is missing his right front paw, he can’t shake hands.